I was trained at Rycotewood College in Oxfordshire where I achieved a Diploma in Furniture Design and Craftsmanship with a distinction in furniture making. Also whilst there I was awarded the Harris and the Laurie Turner Trophy for excellence and won the Maples Award for Excellence in his final year.

I started making furniture in a small workshop just outside Chester in 1987, moving to my current premises three years later. It is situated in a converted barns, nestling in the hillside in the beautiful vale of Llangollen, North Wales.

It is my love of wood and my delight in creating pieces of furniture that reflect the infinite variety and beauty of that wood, that means I start every day with the same enthusiasm that led me to start the business almost 30 years ago. I design and make my furniture with traditional methods which have been tried and tested over many years and can be still used in modern designs. My love and appreciation of traditional furniture means that he has a wide variety of skills including hand veneering, inlaying, crossbanding, turning and relief carving. Many of these skills are now been lost.

The selection of the timber is very important and I will source and select timber suitable for the furniture from timber yards across the country. This means that each piece of furniture is unique as I take great pride in my selection of timber